I’m hired

Oh darn, I missed a month. I said I would post monthly (like a period), but I missed April because things were just busy. Guess what? I finally finished my degree!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Yes, that’s right, I have a degree, at last. 28 years in the making, my friends. From my naive and nerdy days at UBC as an 18-year-old acne-covered fattie, uncertain and shy, to this 28-year-old assertive (for the most part) and very opinionated married woman. I’m so proud of me. :-)

I haven’t officially worn the hat and gown yet, but that is a formality to occur in June. And my registration exam is on June 1st, which I have yet to really begin studying for. (I bought the review book!) I did get a job. (Yay!) I am working at the hospital where I worked as a student, and was hired on 3 different units (general surgery, orthopedics and daycare surgery). I am so excited to be hired in daycare surg! I haven’t orientated for it yet, because I need to take a couple of courses first, but I am so so excited. It is not something anyone can just get into as a new grad and am lucky because I have been working in surg for a year now that I got my foot in the door. Daycare is great because it is busy in a different way–prepping people and receiving them from OR, rather than doing ADLs (activities of daily living) and personal care (the poopy side of nursing).

Today is my first shift as an RN outside of orientation. Working a night, so it should be ok. I’ve already booked quite a bit as a casual, so I am very grateful and happy. J and I want to go away for the long weekend for our 1st anniversary this month, but are still trying to find a good deal on a trip to Vegas. We so want to see the Grand Canyon. (And yes, it’s in Arizona, but it’s a day trip away.) And we may meet up with Hoda there. Haven’t seen her in forever, I think last time was our wedding, I swear.

I need to write a post about our awesome trip to Florida and the cruise we took to the Caribbean, but I’ll have to wait to do that. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me, and it may (may) change the course of our lives if we are proactive…

For now, must get ready for my commute to work. Commuting is my new reality. I have to say that before, when I would work consecutive days, I would get so anxious about the commute and the time I had left over at home in between shifts. Living in the suburbs where we are, it’s at least an hour to an hour and a half out to my work or downtown. You have to give yourself the extra half hour for traffic, and working 12 hour shifts, once I’m off, I have 12 hours until I have to be back: minus 3 hours for the commute back and forth, minus an hour to eat, an hour to prep food and shower, an hour to chill in front of the TV and check mail and whatnot… That’s 6 hours left to sleep! And usually it’s less than that. I’m trying to accept this and just let it go. So I get 5 hours sleep before a long day and have to get up at 5:30 am. It’s only for one night that this occurs–I can survive that, right? At least I don’t work in a place that makes me feel hopeless and dead inside, like I did during my last placement. For that I am grateful!

I actually had a phone interview for that unit, but when they asked if I had been hired elsewhere and I said yes, they were totally turned off and said they would get back to me once they had looked at other applicants who were not already hired. Fine by me. They haven’t called me back. I wouldn’t take the job anyway, because my next move from here is Maternity or Community in the Downtown Eastside. That’s it. Those are my next goals, remember them.

The Game Plan

I worked a night last night (for pay), and at around midnight while we were all sitting around at the nursing station, we found out about the big quake in Japan. For the next 6 hours we passed our time checking up on updates and watching footage. It was a very slow night. I was so tired, I snored all throughout my sleep break and kept my roommate awake the whole time. It was terrifying watching the sludge slowly take over agricultural land from above. The serene plots that you would see flying over Japan, covered, oozing with debris: cars, trees, metal…. people. My heart goes out to everyone displaced and fighting for stability and life right now. I don’t know what I would do, I just don’t.

The weird thing is the other night J and I watched the movie Knowing, which looked at the apocalypse and natural disasters. It was pretty lame, but the effects were very real, and just as terrifying. Remember how we said we would wait to have kids until after the prophesied end of the world in 2012? After the movie, I asked J what our game plan was, should this happen. He didn’t want to discuss it, but I was serious. What’s our strategy? Will we fight for our lives to survive, or will we give in? Will we do our best to save all our loved ones, and strive to be all together to die together? Morbid, right? But what if it happens? We can’t know everything, and things like this can happen to us anytime. Poor Japan… I pray for them, and know they will rebuild and be fine, but there are so many animals lost, people lost, homes lost, just washed away in a matter of hours.

I am so tired. My sleep cycle is just messed up, and I am too tired to do anything, including be tired. I waste half my days off sleeping, and my evenings after a day just trying to relax. I do a good job at that, because J and I try to maintain our usual routine of eating dinner in front of the TV with a PVR’d HIMYM or movie. Sad, right? Before we got married, we vowed to each other that we would not make a habit of eating dinner in front of the television. That we would have proper dinners at the dining table just talking to each other. Sometimes it is just exhausting to do this. Sometimes, you get home and you just don’t want to talk, and you want to just sit and watch and be entertained. Is this bad? I know when we have a family, it won’t be this way. We won’t be the TV dinner family, but is it ok to be the TV dinner husband and wife for now? TV dinner newlyweds?

It’s 7:15 pm. J comes home in an hour or so. I have to make dinner. I was supposed to apply for jobs once and for all today, and haven’t yet, even though I told my recruitment coordinator that I would have it in to her by this week. Fack. On the bright side, I most definitely have a job… or two. Yay!!! Now if only I could apply for them. I was supposed to do my P90X yoga today, but have been putting it off for like a week. I’m not really doing it properly, as you’re supposed to do it daily like my obsessive husband does. I can’t make time for it like he does.

Seven more days till our trip and till I have to bare my chunky bikini bod in the Caribbean. I tried on the stuff I want to pack the other night. I can sort of tolerate how I look for the most part. It’s when I wear waisted things that it starts to hurt. I don’t fit in my jeans and shorts anymore because of my bloating belly and thighs, my muffin top. I can pull off dresses and skirts, thank God, so that’s what I’ll be packing in preparation for some major binging on the cruise ship.

I finished reading The Lovely Bones in anticipating of watching the movie I PVR’d. Book was good, movie was satisfactory. Worth the read, but nothing spectacular. I’m moving on to the Swedish trilogy of Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I bought the first two and will bring them on the trip with me. I’m glad I’m back on this reading bandwagon. It feels good to read for pleasure again. I also buzzed through Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes, which sucked and dragged on and I was really not into. Sometimes he is just to dreamy and poetic for me.

Oh, with regards to Mom’s colonoscopy, everything was normal, thank God. All normal, we couldn’t believe it. She was so nervous the day of, and I felt pressure to be the nurturing daughter, looking out for her. I am just relieved that it all turned out ok.

Gotta get dinner ready. Lazy Chinese night tonight I think: veggie stirfry, frozen dim sum, and maybe congee.

Life’s blessings

Here’s something I started from March 5th and left unfinished:

This is a post of appreciation for all the great things in my life right now.

First and foremost is my wonderful husband. He is a nut. A clean freak true and true. He willingly and obsessively keeps our kitchen clean, makes our bed, and does laundry. So much that in the beginning I yelled at him to stop doing laundry, as there was such a backlog of clean clothes piling up for me to put away. And I’m really bad at putting things away when I’m short on time. So he stopped doing laundry for a little while, until I realized why he did so much laundry: because he runs out of underwear! Here I am with my drawer full of probably 100 pairs of underwear (literally), so laundry is never a concern for me. So after that, he started doing laundry again, and I shut my mouth (for the most part).

In addition to his cleanliness, he is also handy. He fixes everything that possibly needs fixing. So much that I, again, yelled at him for trying to fix our detergent pump that I bought from Superstore, which spontaneously stopped pumping after a weekend away. He took it apart, and was unable to put it back together, and it stopped working all together, and started pumping the opposite way. We fought over that, then ended up buying a new pump, and swapping it with our old one. $7 fight. But really, he has put everything together in this home: all our Ikea stuff, my shelves, our bed, shower curtain rod, barbecue, everything. Not to mention, he also services our car, Suz.

As if that weren’t enough, he cooks! He cooks for us probably about the same amount I do the cooking, even though he works 6 days a week in the evenings. And not instant pre-packaged stuff, but real recipes that he takes the time to pick out and follow to a t. (He is the master Chinese cuisine cook between the two of us.) How great is this guy? Then, when I come home from a shift, and have to jump into the shower, he will get stuff ready, and we will snuggle on the couch for some late supper, episodes of HIMYM, and a foot massage.

He is also hilarious. He loves that I laugh at everything he does, but a lot of people love him for his lame humour and his relentless attempts to make anyone crack a smile. My funny Muscles (the name I tease him with, because obviously, his motto is “I love to exercise,” which equates to his love for eating), who is currently doing his P90X in front of me. I should remind myself how lucky I am more often, and never forget that I have such a great man to spend the rest of my life with.

I have a lot of senior patients, and in trying to build rapport with them, I will ask them about their family and living situation. If it’s an elderly female, usually her husband has passed away. Occasionally, I will see the husband coming in to visit and caring for the wife, but that is rare, and a very heartwarming sight. If it’s an elderly male, usually the wife is living in the community supported by their kids, or in a nursing home, or sometimes even in hospital as well. I told J last night that one of my patients had his wife on a different floor of the hospital, both in for their own health issues, and I wondered if that would ever happen to us. Once, we even had husband and wife both admitted to our unit in different rooms. It was nice, because the wife could come visit her husband, who has been in there for months and months. Otherwise, they don’t see each other, because her mobility is impaired, and she depends on her busy children to make the visits happen. And one other time, like a true love story, another married couple happened to be admitted for different surgeries and the managers arranged for them to be able to share a room, beds side by side. It was the sweetest thing, though a potential liability issue as well.

I don’t look forward to this, and don’t like thinking that one day this perfect life will be a memory, and we will be at the mercy of our old age. J says that we will live our years together till the end, because he is hopeful and optimistic. I would like to be too, except that 90% of my patients do not live this way, and are elderly. Otherwise, they would be healthy and not in hospital. Maybe I only get to witness the unhealthy of the elderly population, but in a sense I also have a vision of reality and old age. Who knows, maybe with more social consciousness about fitness, nutrition, and activity in old age, things will be better, but it’s hard to say with all the processed foods we consume and the radiation everywhere. Cancer will get us all eventually.

On a related note, after years, my mother will finally have her long-awaited colonoscopy. We have a strong cancer history in my family, and my grandmother died of colorectal cancer. Working in general surgery, I have lots of exposure to bowel cancers, and have seen patients come in time and time again for resections and ostomies as a result of finding polyps or masses after a colonoscopy, if not suffering form a bleed first. Mom has been scared of this forever, and had cancelled a referral years ago, reasoning that she didn’t want a male doctor doing it. Obviously, the root of the matter is that she doesn’t want to find out. She has a history of symptoms already, and has tried to treat herself by eating a healthier diet, but only the test can tell what is there. So I’m driving her next week, and have to say that I am a bit anxious about the results. If she is like the lot that I have seen, worst case scenario is that she will have surgery and maybe follow-up treatment. I know she is strong enough to handle it, but I just don’t want her spirits to go down, as she is already a very negative person. You can’t mope when it comes to this stuff, because it’s your will to live and rehabilitate that will get you through it. I think this is when the daughter in me needs to step up and be loving and supportive. I pray it will be okay.

We are going on a family cruise, as I have mentioned, in a few weeks. Yay! It is 1 week in the Caribbean, and a few days in Florida to spend time with cousins who are living out there temporarily. We are all so excited, as this is a first time for such a complete family trip. A few other cousins and families are joining us for more company and fun. I was able to reschedule some shifts to be able to make it happen. I’ve also bought 2 new bathing suits (Wal-mart is awesome) that I couldn’t resist. All that’s left is to try not to be so chunky before the trip, as I plan to eat my butt off (as do my other half and the rest of my family) on the cruise. I feel it’s a bit late to make a drastic change or difference before the trip, but I can at least try not to be too gluttonous before, because I will surely regret it when I need to put the bathing suit on to go to the beach.

I’m half cleaning up my laundry (was inspired), browsing iTunes (listening to Adele–how amazing is she for a 21-year-old??) and writing this as I go about my free day today. Man, I have tons of clothes. I am truly a materialistic person, and I regret it, but at the same time don’t really care to change, because I also enjoy it. I’m a girly girl, and I like my pretty things. Slowly, I am putting aside things to give away to charity, and some to try to get a consignment store to sell so I can make some cashola. J’s stuff too, though he is obviously more minimalistic than I am. He does have a fondness for shoes though.

Other good things in life? Our home. I love our home. We are so blessed to have found it and to have such an easygoing landlord. We don’t plan on moving anytime soon. I need to start making some money for a down payment when we are ready to start looking. That will be a new and exciting time. Who knows, it might be when I am pregnant and we’re ready to spawn. Our health is another blessing. Our families are supportive and loving, always there for us.

Our jobs. J is so lucky to have a stable job that he loves. He is so energized and passionate about teaching his craft, and I envy that and love that about him. I feel am passionate about where I am, and more often than not it energizes me when I connect with patients, make a difference in their day and their health.

To be continued! Life got busy, and things needed to get done!

7 more to go

7 more to go! 7 more shifts until my nursing student days are over! Ish. I have 2 days on campus after that, but then it is registration exam studying time. I have yet to by the prep book, but will eventually. I’m not too worried, as I know how nursing exams go–they are very common-sense based, and vague in direction, so anything goes. It’s just a matter of knowing how to answer the questions and not really knowing the material itself.

Here I am trying to procrastinate from writing a measly 5 page analysis paper, desperately refreshing my Facebook feed for some entertainment, checking my blogroll, but alas, it seems everyone is out living today. Me, I am sitting it out (or in…) This is my hiatus day before I do 2 days paid, have another day’s break, and 3 days not paid. Days are really exhausting. Nights are too, but in a different way. Days, you are really working and time passes because you have so much to do, so many tasks to complete until shift change. Nights, you are just passing time until the night is over, because everyone is asleep, and everything has been done, for the most part.

After 3 years of shuffling among my Wal-Mart runners (very uncomfortable and not supportive), my 1 size too-small Adidas runners (kills my toes!), and my fake Nike sneakers from the Philippines (too boyish), I finally splurged on a brand new pair of runners just for the hospital. I deliberated for a long while, as I had really wanted to get a pair of nursing clogs (yes, I know), and also wanted either Birkenstocks or Croc-type shoes that were full-coverage (no holes or back strap), but thankfully I opted not to in the end. I came to look at the decision as a metaphor. Traditional nursing clogs represented a career path that I intend to stick to, a persona that I plan to take on. The runners (and I got these, if you are curious) represent a more free individual, not tied to a profession or role, but able to become anyone and go anywhere. This is who I want to be. Lame? Yes. Joke? No.

I don’t want to be a nurse forever. I never intended to be, and still, a large part of me gets pangs of envy when I see med students coming onto the unit, doing less than I do as a nursing student, and maybe making less of a difference in the big picture, but still accomplishing a personal goal. This was always my personal goal, and I am having trouble letting it go. I don’t know if I want to let it go yet, actually. I always told myself I would try to apply at least once. It’s more a question of whether I want to put in that effort. Is it worth it? Would I rather forget about it, and focus on this career, have children, buy a home, travel, live life humbly? I don’t know. I’ll have to ask myself this question in a few years, when I have real work experience in the field. Interesting to note, if you look back at my February 2005 archive, I was debating applying for the nursing program at UBC, when I was still a student there. I never did. And here I am, 28 years old, almost finishing a Bachelor’s degree in nursing…

I remember being in elementary school and high school, setting those goals for yourself: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? It was always med school, then marriage, then kids. Ridiculous head-in-the-clouds dreams that I never stuck to once I graduated from high school. I am proud to be where I am, even if I detoured for a while. I am proud to be completing my degree at last. I am hard on myself, because I feel it is long overdue, but still appreciate it for what it is. I have a few classmates who are mature students like I am, and for whom this is their 2nd undergraduate degree. One of them does not want to attend the convocation ceremony, and constantly says so, as if it is a silly thing to want to go at our age. It always turns me off, as I for one am really looking forward to walking across a stage and finally shaking my hands out of this institution with my piece of paper. I want to wear that gown. I like the prestige and formality of it all. That’s how I was raised. We celebrate accomplishments and rites of passage. In fact, I already planned what I am going to wear–bought a new dress and everything. Come June 9th, my family and my new (9 months new) husband will be there cheering me on, and I can’t wait!

I haven’t had breakfast yet. I got up at around 1:30 pm after a long sleep and mostly on the couch overnight. Yes, it’s a sluggish life when I get home. I can smell my stale coffee on the table from last night, when I was fighting my sleepy eyes to write my paper. It’s bright and crisp outside, as it has been the last little while. Snowed lots over the weekend, and apparently will be some more. Funny, last year at this time, it was the Olympics, and the days were dry and sunny. They had a little anniversary celebration 2 blocks from where we live at the city centre. Missed it, as we were out doing some leisurely browsing downtown, and late night sushi like we used to. It was nice, but tiring. Living in the suburbs, far-removed from downtown has really introverted us more than we already were.

Breakfast calls. I think I will make one of my ultimate comfort foods: huevos rancheros with a cup of coffee. Gotta get back to this paper.

P.S. I was trying to find an image of my dress I bought for grad, and found this article about Michelle Obama wearing it. Mine is peachy coral though, with a black sash.

Word jumble

I have so many things to do, I don’t even know where to begin, really. I have applications to submit, summaries to write, discussions to post, laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, clothes to organize, papers to sort, studying to start, appointments to book, bills to pay, people to email… My mind is a just a big jumbled mess. And I don’t even know if jumbled is a word. Though, since WordPress isn’t underlining it with a red zigzag line, I guess it is. Funny, the name WordPress itself is underlined as foreign. You’d think they’d program that into their built-in spell checker.

So 10 more shifts till I’m donezo! It has gone by very quickly. My preceptors have been so great and laid back. I have proven myself to be very competent, driven, and responsible (I think, or try, at least), so I know that they trust me, and are willing to give me space and go easy. I cannot wait till it’s over!!!! I’m going to work my butt off in April to make some money before I am in employment limbo. Then it’s study time for the big registration exam.

My hubs went to play poker with the boys tonight and won us some cash. I hope he hasn’t lost it by now, but I am so proud of how smart he is! I could never do it, and he actually never does it, but he is just smart and strategic, and likes testing his skills on iPod apps. This is his first boys night out, as he is usually a homebody, but we’re secure enough now to give each other space and do our own thing. I know he won’t deny that it’s a relief sometimes.

I walked home from the hospital today after my day shift, a good 8 blocks away, and decided I would try my luck on P90X. Frick. I don’t know how far I’ll get, as I plan to do it very sporadically, but I printed the work sheets and everything, so we’ll see. In my bout of frustration after having warmed up, and not being able to find the resistance bands that J had stashed in time to keep up with the video, I got into a rage and trashed our office. I really did. Pent up stress. I cursed J for being such a neat freak, having to pile everything away tidily in the corner without thinking about what needed to be accessed easily. See, we’re both very particular people. He is macro-organized, and I am micro-organized. I know where everything is, sub-categorized like crazy, even if it appears to be cluttered. He will make things very spick and span and visually appealing and clutter-free. I couldn’t be bothered, as I feel I don’t have enough time to do it properly. We work together though.

Anyway, I ended up calling him angrily, found them in the biggest, most tucked away box, and proceeded with the exercise, only to never use them. I used the chin up bar instead. Sorry, babe. I’ll clean up the mess too, don’t worry.

Two more days, a night, and a few other things I can’t remember until I get a weekend off! First weekend since all this started, and I can’t wait. More later, but will need to get to bed soon.

Thoughts of a (humble) student

Previously written on Friday, January 21st:

I finally have a quiet moment to sit here and reflect on my first set at my placement. I worked 2 days and 2 nights, and have 1 more day tomorrow before I have 4 days off. J calls it volunteering, since I am essentially working for free. I worked last Saturday night for pay, though. Won’t be working for pay until February, as I had a lot of organizing of my schedule to sort out before I could book work. Can I just say how much I love where I work (for pay)? I really took it for granted, and am so proud to be a part of that unit, now that I have something to compare it to.

This unit that I’m at makes my mind buzz. It appalls me, disgusts me at times, frustrates me very much, and disappoints me. Those are the negatives. The positives are that it is very close to home (20 minutes walk, 5 minutes by car or bus), the workload is manageable and straightforward, and the nurses I have been assigned to are great. I just didn’t realize that there was such a difference in the way units, hospitals, or even health regions could be run. I mean, I know this, because we learn it to tears in school, but I never really experienced it, because I’ve practiced at only the Vancouver regions throughout my journey in school. This is my first time at a clinical site for Fraser, and I’m just noticing small things that I can’t help but think, wouldn’t it be better if you did it the way Vancouver does it? There are a lot of wouldn’t-it-be-better-ifs and shouldn’t-you-be-doing-this-insteads. I’m just a humble student, but I can offer a novel point of view, common sense, and a sense of humanity and compassion for patients. I can’t stand derogatory talk about patients and their conditions. I can’t stand slacking and laziness. I am appalled at what goes on at night, and have to restrain myself from banging my head against the wall in frustration that I have to bare this for another 24 shifts. Fack. I shouldn’t go into detail, but I am just frustrated. If this is how it is, how am I supposed to work at this hospital? Are all units like this? Is the morale of the place generally this way? Do people treat each other like this?

First night on, old lady passes out on me, almost codes, dies the next day. I had this indiscernible feeling that death was near. Like I could almost feel it. It really creeped me out, and I was shocked but not surprised to hear that she passed the very next day. I’m glad that I wasn’t there. I don’t have it in me to deal with dead bodies yet. My mind is too alive, and my imagination too vivid. I know I will have to at some point, though.

Anyway, next time I go to work for pay, I’ll be sure to live in the moment and appreciate it for all that it is. Hopefully I can get a casual position there after graduation. Big to-do on my list, to start applying…

Today is our 8 monthsary! J and I haven’t spent that much time with each other since the new year. We really milked it for all we got during the break, but now, I sleep at the hospital more than I do in our bed. And when I do come home, we pretty much spend our time together eating, showering, then sleeping, too tired for much else (though there is else!). I mean, I miss the conversation, watching movies, and cleaning, and shopping, and wandering around the city. We’re so cooped up in our suburb sometimes that we never get out to where we used to pre-marriage. We used to just wander aimlessly downtown, have dinner, dessert, coffee, window shop, watch movies, explore different areas. I’m not complaining, because sometimes, when we do go back to these activities, we find ourselves wishing we were at home instead, not having to look for parking, sit in traffic, or deal with the rain. Still not complaining! Life is good, and we can’t all be pleased and happy all the time.

We haven’t even gone to church in like 2 months! And we were getting onto a good habit for a few weeks, going every Sunday. Then I started working the weekends. I’ll leave the spiritual post for another day, but I could go on with this.

Today, since I worked last night, I slept in till 1:30 pm, J went off to work, and I set out to make myself a decent breakfast out of the nothingness that is in our fridge. (We need to grocery shop. Sunday.) So I decided I would attempt a tofu scramble/hash. I have had this once at this quaint and beautiful breakfast place in Ashland, Oregon called Morning Glory, and it was amazing.

Here is the finished product:


Tofu scramble

Tofu scramble




I googled a recipe then mixed it up a bit, as I usually do. I had it with a whole wheat tortilla and my Bahamian hot sauce, which is awesome. Don’t mind my burnt blueberry pancakes. I have an ongoing battle with my electronic stovetop and the conductive ability of our Lagostina pots and pans. Grr.

So I wrote the above stuff about 2 weeks ago, thinking that I would have time to come back and continue. Fat chance, as my down time consists of sleeping my butt off and watching HIMYM to distract myself from the fact that I have to be back at the dreaded hospital 12 hours after I just left. I really practically live there. It’s gotten (that word looks funny to me right now) better though.


Tonight I start my next 3 nights before I am done with the unpaid nights. Then I do a whole lot more days.

Changing the subject, I have some exciting news! I’m pregnant! ….Not. Just kidding, that won’t occur till 2013, you know, how it goes. The good news is that we are going on a family cruise! My first cruise ever!!!! We go on March 20th for a week, from Florida, then will be staying a couple nights to hang with the cousins who are living out there. I know J is really wanting a vacation (because we work so hard, duh), so this is perfect timing.

Gotta get ready for the night now!


I have enjoyed it. Because I have been a jobless bum throughout my semester break, I spent days at home with Juliet while J worked the afternoons and evenings. We switched cable and internet companies and got a PVR and Xbox as part of a promotion. We’ve been hooked on the PVR like addicts, recording every movie we would ever consider watching and have seen and enjoyed. I record How I Met Your Mother and Office religiously. HIMYM is my new absolute favourite show. J and I watch episode after episode while we clean and snack during the twilight hours. We would stay up till 5 am just watching TV and movies, eating, and cleaning, then sleep in till 2 pm. It was awful, but definitely a pleasure.

Today we went to Ikea and bought a cheap shelving unit for my closet in the den. I have too many things to fit our regular closet, so he is granting me my dream walk-in. Sort of–it’s kind of ghetto and makeshift, but nothing is perfect, right? I’m going to try to assemble it after this and move some things around. So far I have a bunch of Rubbermaid bins with accessories, a big 2-tier rolling rack, a shelving unit, and shoe rack.

Tomorrow I have a CPR recertification course in the morning, then am working the next 2 nights at the hospital, which means that I’ll be crashing at my parents and won’t see J till Sunday. That’ll be the longest we’ve been apart since before the wedding. Gotta do what you gotta do. I’m just grateful to be making money again. Nights are so much easier than days at the hospital. The workload is immensely reduced and pay is increased to compensate for your not being home. That’s the part that sucks. We get a sleep break, which is great, but the rest of your day after work is spent catching up on sleep, then preparing for your next night shift. Definitely not something I could do longterm, but might have to for the first little while after grad.

I’m reading The Devil Wears Prada right now and I hate it. It is such a waste of time, I don’t know how people can enjoy these chick-lit useless books. But I already started it, and I hate to leave books unfinished. There are only 2 books I started and never finished and those are On Equilibrium by John Ralston Saul and The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Ugh. I figure after this, I’m going to purge my library of all chick-lit books and haul it to the used bookstore for some cash. Because I haven’t really had time to read for pleasure in the last few years, I never realized how terrible they were. Maybe I was a different person when I read that first Shopaholic book and actually thought it was hilarious and worth the read.

On the other hand, I also read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver during my break, and was so engrossed in the story and anything related to the Congo while I read it. It was about a Baptist family on a religious mission in the Congo in the 1960’s and how they change as a result of the political situation in Africa, culture shock, and just family dynamics. Loved it, loved it. It was supposed to be turned into a screenplay, but I have seen nothing online about its progress.

After this weekend, I have 4 days back on campus for some course introductions before I begin my preceptorship at the hospital nearby. I was lucky enough to get a placement here on very short notice, when my original placement was supposed to be in Vancouver. We live 6 blocks from the hospital, and I’ll be in the orthopaedic surgery unit, which is familiar to me and pretty straightforward. Definitely not my first choice, but at least I know what to expect. And I have a fair amount of surgical experience already, so hopefully my 360 hours there will be a breeze. Living near work makes a huge difference when it comes to early mornings and traffic. The hospital I work at now is close to my parents’, which is about a 40 minute drive away, and can take over an hour in the mornings with rush hour traffic. Getting up at 5 am is not fun. I’d rather get up at 6:45, eat breakfast, and get dropped off by hubs, knowing that I can walk home if need be. :-)

Going to see if I can assemble that shelf now. (I feel so socially awkward on here!)


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